Meet Vu, one of our veteran Obadiah stylists! Vu has been at Obadiah for almost 17 years and has 30 years of experience working with hair. He graduated from the Bellingham Beauty School after attending Western Washington University where he played soccer. Vu learned to work with hair from scratch, he had worked as a cook and personal trainer before he entered the hair industry. He feels that being a male learning to work with female hair gave him an advantage, because he had no bad habits to break and he started with little to no knowledge of how to cut and color hair.

When asked what his biggest passions are outside of work, he quickly said family, “I am all about family, they always come first.” Vu also plays the guitar and has a love for soccer, saying “I used to want to be a professional soccer player, or a magician!” He is known around the salon for his “Vudo” magic tricks and “Vudo” hair skills.

Vu is an extremely talented hair stylist who seems to be only getting better as the years pass. He aspires to be an inspiration to as many people as possible, and to be a teacher to the younger generations of hair stylists. This is why he is the Director of the education program at Obadiah. Vu says that Oribe Canales, the famous celebrity hair stylist and creator of Oribe, is his hero and wishes to make an impact the same way Oribe has.

“I believe that every color needs a cut, and that every cut needs color. I like to paint hair. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I feel blessed to be able to do it each and every day.” -Vu Montgomery

Our friends at Oribe wrote their own article and Q&A about Vu in their “Oribe Backstage”! We would like to invite you to read the article by clicking here.

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