Michelle (Bella) Mayer is a recent graduate of the Obadiah Education Program, and is our newest stylist on the floor! Bella attended Cedar Park Christian High School, and went on to graduate from Evergreen Beauty School. Bella has 4+ years of experience in the industry. She is on the floor in Kirkland on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays, and is in Bellevue on Tuesdays. Although her real name is Michelle, she goes by her nickname, Bella, at the salon.

Lets get to know Bella:

What brought you into the salon industry?

“I love the ability to create and people are the perfect canvas. I find it extremely rewarding to make people happy, and to have them leave the salon in a great mood. It is awesome to change their day!”

What do you believe your specialty is, and why?

Balayage and creating dimension in hair. I also really enjoy doing textured hair cuts, it gives it a modern edge but is still soft.”

What is your favorite hair color on someone else?

I like warm tones in any color, from rich brown to caramel to strawberry blondes!”

What is your favorite hair color on you?

I really like the color it is right now, which is a rich auburn. But I also liked being blonde for a while.”

What/who is your spirit animal, and why?

Jared Leto! He is ridiculous with his outfits and has an outlandish personality. His outfits are crazy and wild, and I truly love it and appreciate those attributes about him.”

If you could embody the personality and lifestyle of someone else, who would it be?

“Stephanie Claire Smith, she just started her own health and fitness company and is a rep for Adidas, and lives in Australia. She is really healthy and appears to have an awesome work-life balance. And she is absolutely stunning.”

What’s something that is seen as stylish now, that we will think is ridiculous in 5 years?

Extreme shags/wedge!”

Describe yourself in three words

“Spontaneous, Practical, Inquisitive”

What is your biggest accomplishment this year?

To begin to be independently creative, and starting on the floor.”

What is your career goal?

To eventually be able to lease my own station, and all of the minutia getting there.”

Random goals that you have

“1) I want to learn to read music. 2) I want to attend more of the specialty hair classes that Oribe provides. 3) And, I want work the Victoria Secret fashion show and do their hair.”

5 fun and random facts about Bella

“I play the piano, but I play by ear. I have an album, and a website for my music.” CHECK IT OUT HERE -> Bella’s Music

“I grew up on an alpaca farm and we had goats.“

“I grew up playing really competitive soccer.”

“I love to do puzzles and I do them every year with my mom at Christmas.”

“I love to work out, and I love yoga!”

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Instagram: stylebymebella  LinkedIn: Michelle Mayer

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