Meet Katherynn, a 4th year stylist at Obadiah! Katherynn graduated from Gene Juarez in 2013 and the Obadiah Apprenticeship Program in 2014. She holds two degrees, an Associates of Arts as well as an Associates of Science from Everett Community College and Edmonds Community College. Outside of hair, her passions include psychology as well as building/developing relationships with people, “I love to learn about my clients and their lives. I love perspective.” Katherynn is in our Bellevue salon Friday’s through Tuesday’s.

Lets meet Katherynn:

What brought you into the salon industry?

“I intended on going into nursing but it was too emotional and heavy, so I felt I needed to look in a different direction. I had been working with hair for fun, and I decided I wanted to transition it into a career! It fits my lifestyle choice, and gives me flexibility to travel and have a life outside my career. Plus I love hair, so it’s perfect.”

What do you believe your specialty is, and why?

“I like to work with frizzy hair, good blowout hair, or really just anything. I really enjoy working with people who are unhappy with their current hair, and doing corrective projects.”

What is your favorite hair color on someone else?

“I like rich colors in general; blondes, red heads, brunettes.”

What is your favorite hair color on you?

“I like my natural color which is a dark brown, with red/velvet highlights. As long as it’s low maintenance.”

What/who is your spirit animal, and why?

“Joe Rogan and Pete Holmes (both are comedians). Joe is very growth minded and so am I! I feel that it is really one of my defining qualities. Both of them have an authentic curiosity for the world.”

If you could embody the personality and lifestyle of someone else, who would it be?

“Esther Perel, a traveling psychologist and writer, who also does relationship counseling and searches for commonalities in long-term relationships. I feel it would soothe my soul to be in that career and lifestyle, and it would be extremely fascinating.”

Describe yourself in three words

“Outgoing, introvert, story-teller”

What is your biggest accomplishment this year (2017)?

“Learning how to properly vacation! I was a workaholic and didn’t know how to relax and vacation the right way. I have been to New York three times this year and Mexico once. I also learned how to date, so that was fascinating to say the least!”

What is your career goal?

“I want to write a book about people. Being in the hair industry has supported me with that by putting me with people all the time! I want to share the stories I have learned and heard from others.”

Random goals that you have

“1.) I want to go to India, I am obsessed! I have always been fascinated with the country, people, and culture. It has been a life long obsession. 2.) I want to find a way to improve the quality of life of the elderly, physically. 3.) I want to know EVERYTHING about the human body and human optimization.”

5 fun and random facts about Katherynn

“I love weightlifting. I am really into intuitive exercise and basing my exercises off of what I am feeling.”

“I do not watch TV, ever. I don’t even turn it on. I am too happy in my life and I don’t want to escape that through watching TV.”

“I live for paradigm shattering moments!”

“I use Google for life advice… it’s my magic 8-ball.”

“I love to read and write almost everyday.”

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