This past March, we got the chance to be a part of a truly special event/fashion show. Obadiah Salon, led by Shawn Robert Moore and Suzin Alejandro, went to the 5th Annual Fashion SOULstice, hosted by Justice and Soul. This organization raises money to help victims and survivors of sex trafficking in Cambodia. Matthew Fairfax and Lauren Ebright have founded a cosmetology school that helps survivors of sex trafficking learn the craft and art of cutting hair, and becoming a hairstylist, which will allow these survivors to create and new path for themselves and make a living doing something they love.

Fashion SOULstice is not only a fashion show but also a fundraiser for Justice and Soul in which salons from all over the Seattle area collaborate with the salon in Cambodia, to put together their own sets and show off their artistic ability. Half way through the show, the Justice and Soul organization hosts a live auction in which those in attendance can raise their paddle to donate to this amazing cause. We at Obadiah had the opportunity to be the last salon before the midway break.

Robert and Suzin made the decision to make a statement with our portion of the fashion show, and they really stuck to their word! Obadiah’s performance was definitely the most sorrow, yet the most eye opening. Instead of focusing on the hair, style, or the fashion, we focused on the message: sex trafficking and sex slavery is still very much alive and current. It effects not only women but men and children as well. This is an issue that is facing our world currently, and although it can be difficult to discuss, it needs to be brought to light.

Our performance consisted of 14 models, dressed all in white shirts, some with bruises, some looking like everyday people you may see on the street. As the models walked the runway, an audio clip played of a bidder man auctioning off slaves which then turned into a rather somber song. Walking down the runway, models held signs that described some aspect of sex slavery, and recent statistics. Once each model finished, they¬†lined up and rotated their signs which spelled out “Slaves No More”. We wanted to show that sex trafficking victims don’t have to be physically battered, not all the victims are women, many can be men and children, and it does not matter what someone looks like, you never know what someone is going through or has been through. We wanted to bring this issue right to the front of stage.

Fashion SOULstice runway

We are so happy we had the chance to be involved with such an outstanding, fun, and powerful event. The entire show was incredible to watch, the food and drinks were tasty, and the night went off without a hitch. Fashion SOULstice raised over $170,000 for Justice and Soul and the victims of sex trafficking. March 24th, 2018 was an amazing day in the Greater Seattle Area, and we as a salon can’t wait for next year!

What is Justice and Soul?

“Justice and Soul Foundation is the shared vision of Matthew Fairfax and Lauren Ebright. Before they ever communicated it to each other, they were individually introduced to the horrors of sex trafficking and the impact on young women, young men and children around the world.

After a salon retreat, the two of them discovered their shared passion, the desire to make a difference. With the support of their teammates, Justice and Soul was born.

After several years of research, planning and interviews, Matthew and Lauren were confident that it would be possible to enlist the support of the beauty industry to create a sustainable, systemic solution that addresses sex trafficking.

Dozens of young people have found a new life because of our efforts. Please join us in writing the rest of the story.”¬†Justice and Soul- About Us

The Show

If you would like to watch the set from Obadiah Salon & O2 Blow Dry Bar, please click here.

Thank you to all the stylists and volunteers who helped make this show happen, you guys rock!